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Kinesiology in Eastern Sydney

Y Natural Therapy is a leading kinesiology practice in Rushcutters Bay, one of Sydney’s inner-eastern suburbs, just a few kilometres from the CBD. It is run by experienced kinesiology practitioner Sarah Young, who has over ten years’ experience working with clients through kinesiology and the related disciplines of Resolve and Neuro-training (NT).

Kinesiology is a holistic natural health discipline that involves monitoring your muscles to diagnose and address well-being issues. Y Natural Health can help you with matters including:

  • Stress, anxiety, and tiredness
  • Learning difficulties in children
  • Fertility issues
  • Digestive and nutritional imbalance
  • Seeking relief from mysterious or hard-to-treat symptoms
  • A desire to improve your overall well-being, achieve your goals, and appreciate the power of natural therapy

Sarah Young, Kinesiologist and Resolve Practitioner

One of the great satisfactions of being a kinesiologist is helping clients reach those “a-ha” moments where the cause behind a stubborn health problem is finally discovered and their life begins to dramatically improve.

At Y Natural Health, I see these moments every day, as I have throughout my 10 years’ experience working in kinesiology and natural therapy.

In that time, I’ve helped people of all ages and walks of life work through their well-being issues. I can help you feel better, think clearer, and be more in control of and excited about your life.

Having seen so many of my clients transform their lives, I encourage you to get in touch with me and make an appointment. Together we can work out a plan tailored just for you.

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What is a typical session like?

The processes involved in kinesiology, Neuro-training (NT), and Resolve therapy are non-intrusive and you don’t have to disclose secrets or personal details. You can just relax!

The core discipline of kinesiology involves muscle monitoring, which employs gentle touch to the hands, arms, and shoulders in gauging the body and mind’s response to particular conditions. The treatment is tailored specifically for you.

The usual consultation time is one hour. I suggest allowing an hour and a half for the first appointment, as you may have a range of questions and matters to discuss when we are starting out.

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I had my first experience of kinesiology many years ago, when I visited a chiropractor about a persistently sore shoulder.

My chiropractor used muscle testing—kinesiology—to help with her diagnosis, and when combined with her chiropractic methods for treatment … wow! It brought about huge results that I’d been unable to get elsewhere.

This experience intrigued and inspired me, and I wanted to know more. Years later, I’ve been involved with kinesiology and natural therapy for over a decade.


Qualifications and Accreditations

Y Natural Therapy provides consultations backed by years of experience and a range of professional training and accreditations.

  • Accredited Resolve practitioner
  • Registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Neuro-training practitioner
  • Natural therapist

As Sarah Young is a registered kinesiology practitioner, consultations are covered by many private health insurance plans.


I have been seeing Sarah for a number of years now. After every session I have greater insight, direction, clarity, and strength. Sarah is extremely intuitive, allowing things to unfold in my own time. There have been such amazing positive shifts, and life is fabulous. I can highly recommend Sarah and have done so to my friends and colleagues.

Cheryl S., 61

I am a professional male and have found the sessions I have had with Sarah of enormous benefit in addressing my overall well-being and dealing with anxiety. Sarah’s sessions are non-intrusive and very effective. I come away feeling centred and energised. I was sceptical regarding the benefits of kinesiology, but am now converted thanks to Sarah.

David, 43

As a mother of four, I’ve used Sarah’s sessions to help my children overcome the challenges that they face in their emotional and social development. Sarah’s nature has been well-received and these sessions proved to be very effective. Having the children speak about their challenges and concerns with Sarah enables us to move forward in a positive way.

Louise, 44