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McLachlan Ave, Rushcutters Bay, NSW 2011 | E: sarah@ynaturaltherapyclinic.com.au | P: (02) 8356 9884|M: 0411871892

About Sarah

Y Natural Therapy is led by Sarah Young, a kinesiologist and natural health practitioner with over 10 years’ experience

I had my first experience of kinesiology many years ago, when I visited a chiropractor about a persistently sore shoulder.

My chiropractor used muscle testing—kinesiology—to help with her diagnosis, and when combined with her chiropractic methods for treatment … wow! It brought about huge results that I’d been unable to get elsewhere.

This experience intrigued and inspired me, and I wanted to know more. As a patient and then later during my training, I discovered that muscle testing was more than just a valuable tool used by natural therapists. It is part of the complete science of kinesiology, which can be applied in many ways, and in many areas of health and life.

Years later, I’ve now been a kinesiology practitioner for over a decade, and am as curious and excited about it as I ever was. These days, my practice combines kinesiology with the new methodologies of Resolve and Neuro-training, which allow for even more effective outcomes in relation to the wide range of issues that bring clients to me for help.

This powerful combination of references has enabled me to help many people turn their lives around. It’s a great privilege to watch people start to move away from the life they thought they were stuck with and towards the one they want. I’ve seen people use the healing process to recuperate and not only overcome health issues, but also to improve relationships, surmount learning difficulties, and master their behavioural problems.

People often wonder who I work with most and if they are the right fit for my treatments. Fortunately, the disciplines I’ve trained in work effectively with both adults and children, and on people from all walks of life. Whoever you are, you’re a perfect fit!

Kinesiology, Resolve, and Neuro-training are natural methods that can help you achieve your goals and get more out of life.

It all starts with an initial consultation. Book your appointment here >

My name is Sarah and I’m a natural health therapist specialising in Kinesiology.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now and I love it!

What gives me a great sense of satisfaction is working my clients and helping them achieve them reach their goals and see someone’s life dramatically improve. Best of all, not a day goes by when there is not a light bulb moment for someone I am working with.

If you are looking to access the information you need to feel better, think clearer and be more in control and energised about your life, then I’d love to help you.

I have 10 years experience in kinesiology and natural therapy and I’ve helped people of all ages and walks of life.  Currently I offer personal consultation in my clinic or via Skype.

Having seen so many of my clients transform their lives, I encourage you to get in touch with me and book a consultation.  Achieving real results is of course no easy feat, but together we can work out a plan tailored just for you that will work.

It all starts with an initial consultation.  Book your appointment here >

My first experience of Kinesiology happened many years ago. I was suffering from a persistently sore shoulder, so I visited a chiropractor.

It turned out my chiropractor was using muscle testing to assist with her diagnosis, which when combined with her Chiropractic methods for treatment, brought about huge results. Wow! As a result of this experience and obviously the great results I became intrigued and wanted to know more.

I discovered that muscle testing was more than just a valuable tool used by natural therapists. It turned out it was part of the complete science of Kinesiology, something that can be applied to many modalities. My journey continued as I started to look at the ways I felt it could be most effectiveIy used.

Now with over 10 years experience in kinesiology and natural therapy, both as a practitioner and a client, I can see how effect it is, especially when combining the science of Kinesiology with the methodology of Resolve and Neuro training. Through this combination I have seen many people turn their lives around and move towards the life they want rather than what they had felt they were stuck with.

Plus I’ve been fortunate enough to see people use treatment to improve their relationships and health issues; overcome learning difficulties and behavioural problem with adults and children alike; and much more.

People often wonder who I work with most and if they are a right fit for my treatments. Well, the great this is, I’ve helped both adults and children from many different walks of life to achieve their goals and gain more out of life through kinesiology and resolving the natural way. That means you most likely would be a perfect fit.

It all starts with an initial consultation. Book your appointment here >