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Resolve + NT

What are Resolve and Neuro-training?

Resolve and Neuro-training (NT) are two related natural therapies that build on the heritage of kinesiology by broadening their focus on the mind and behaviour.

At Y Natural Therapy, using these methods involves:

  • Developing the subconscious understanding and conscious awareness necessary for change
  • Resourcing that change at multiple levels—nutritional, emotional, energetic, and physical—through a variety of methods including knowledge-building and education
  • Cultivating awareness that behavioural patterns unsupportive of recovery are expressions of unresolved conflict, not of one’s true self
  • Understanding that everything “just is” at this point in time, without self-devaluation, judgement, or blame

Developing understanding

Our professional experience has shown that if a client can understand what is the underlying conflict that gives rise to their symptoms, this alone will allow them to change the harmful pattern. This understanding needs to occur at the subconscious level we access through muscle testing in kinesiology, and in conscious awareness.

Developing a good knowledge of the human body’s structure and function, along with techniques that support it, can remind a person of how their genetics should be expressed. In Resolve, we use this knowledge mindfully and with the benefit of lateral thinking, to apply techniques that will help our clients change their unsupportive habits.

Facilitating change

Understanding conflict is the first point in facilitating change. Our use of eye tracking brings focus to the neurology involved in the conflict pattern revealed during a session. We then help stimulate conscious and subconscious thought to change neurological pathways as part of the resolution.

Meaning created by the subconscious is responsible for causing the conflict underlying our problems. So if we are to fix those problems, it is the subconscious that needs to understand the conflict and change the meanings it attaches to experience. Resolve therapy assists in that process of subconscious change by using a range of approaches.

Whole-brain methodology

Resolve methodology involves the whole brain, at the levels of structure and function, to:

  • Ensure the investigation is functional and useful
  • Create the necessary neurological pathways for a client to recognise their conflict patterns

Objective and subjective knowledge

Our objective knowledge of human structure and function pairs with subjective processes in the consultation. While the principles that govern the workings of body and mind are the same from person to person, individual experience and needs are different.

We adopt a mindful approach in our consultations to make sure that at all times your experience as a client, and our influence as Resolve practitioners, is directed towards producing the best outcome for you.

Lateral thinking

In Resolve therapy, training your neurology to address the source of your issues involves more than mechanically following a methodology. As practitioners, we:

  • Access the information you need to initiate recovery
  • Allow you to explore possible explanations and solutions that are appropriate for you
  • Make sure you have the resources you need to resolve the issue being addressed

Finding the pattern

Clients often come to kinesiology and Resolve therapy with a few—but not all—of the pieces that will fit together to form the solution to their unique issues. These pieces may come from other therapies and methodologies, and clients may be on their way to solving the puzzle as their subconscious continually tries to resolve matters.

Our therapy aims to help you find the pieces you are missing, and aid the subconscious as it puts together a solution. Because your genetic makeup and life experience is individual, the pattern behind your specific symptoms will be unique—as will its eventual resolution.

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